eduGuard provides quality, user-friendly security training for California Guard Card, Proprietary Private Security Officer Registration and required annual training for all security officers.  eduGuard is AB 2880 standards compliant with California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS).   eduGuard training is available on-demand and is entirely self-paced. It allows Security Officers the flexibility to study and test when it is convenient.

Why was eduGuard started?:

We saw a real need for comprehensive training in the contract security industry and felt our experience could provide a quality online training solution for the security industry.

Community Involvement:

eduGuard is proud to be a community partner with Work for Warriors.

eduGuard is proud to be a community partner with Work for Warriors.

We are proud to be a community partner with, Works for Warriors. Their mission statement is “To reduce unemployment in the California National Guard by directly placing Cal Guard Members into desired civilian training and employment.” As a community partner, we are offering California National Guard Soldiers and Airmen security training at no charge to help them get back to work as they resume their civilian lives. In June 2013, eduGuard announced its donation of $14,000 annually to Work for Warriors, providing 80 members of California’s National Guard with free training to get their California Guard Card.

Proud to Support Local Organizations:

St. Francis High School  – We are proud to support St. Francis High School, a young women’s college preparatory school. St. Francis is dedicated to serving young women and their families who seek academic excellence and the building of strong communities through their daughter’s leadership and service. Sacramento Children’s Home – It is rewarding to support the Sacramento Children’s Home commitment “to helping build strong families; to opening doors to the future; to maximizing potential; and ending the cycle of child abuse”, in order to facilitate safe neighborhoods where children – the next generation, can thrive. Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers – The Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers program encourages members of the community to assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime by overcoming the two key elements that inhibit community involvement: fear and apathy.  The Sacramento Valley Crime Stoppers is comprised of diverse, active and dedicated community representatives. These representatives provide a method for local law enforcement to receive information on crimes. These efforts increase tips, which in turn increase arrests in our community.