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Step 6 – Where Should I Look for a Security Guard Job in California?

While I am waiting for BSIS to clear me and issue a Guard Card, I thought it would be useful to figure out where I should be applying. Here is some of the advice I received on where to look for a job as a Security Guard/Security Officer:BusinessSecurity

1. Look for websites with a PPO number on them. PPO stands for Private Patrol Operator and according to the BSIS website they mean “operates a business that protects persons or property or prevents theft.” So that means businesses hire them to do their security. You could look over many different businesses during your shift.
Example: First Alarm Security, and Bay Area Patrol

2. Job Search Engines – These are websites that help everyone find a job, just type in Security Guard or Security Officer and your location to help start the search in your area. You might even be able to apply for that job online!
Examples:, career builder,

3. LinkedIn – It’s having an online resume and you can network with the people that might hire you. Say you are seeking employment. See if the companies you are interested in working for are on LinkedIn and see if they are hiring. Can’t hurt to ask!
4. Remember if you have a Guard Card, you can get hired as a PSO. PSO’s are hired by one company for security – malls, parks (like Disneyland), one company, one store, one building, etc.  Your guard card is a level above the PSO training and registration.

Next Step – How to Get Your Resume ready to send to Potential Employers.

PS: Be sure to look at the job requirements. Some jobs may only need a valid Guard Card with the initial 8 Hour training, others might want your entire 40 Hours of training done before applying.

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