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Step 3: Purchase my Guard Card Package

I have to say I am getting excited to start my security training. I’m also really glad my training is online so I don’t have to go anywhere while I study. In my last blog  I decided to purchase eduGuard’s Package C: the full 40 hours because of the $ savings I will get by purchasing all 40 hours at once. Plus with their current promotion, I couldn’t not buy now.

Here is how to purchase eduGuard’s packages:

1.       If you didn’t purchase as your registered, Click Log In and log in using the log in created for you by Registering (Step 2).

2.       Choose your Package from left column. You can look into the details of the package to the right of the lettered column.

eduGuard's Purchase Page. Register and then click Purchase Now!

eduGuard’s Purchase Page. Register and then click Purchase Now!

3.       Basic credit/debit card section

4.       Confirmation page means you are done! Get to training!

Once you have purchased, everybody is required to take eduGuard’s Prerequisite Course before starting any course. I have already taken it. It shows you how to use the program, where to find things on your dashBOARD, etc. I now feel ready to take my Guard Card Courses.


Step 4: Guard Card Courses – 8 hours

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