Step 5: How to Get a Live Scan

How to Get a Live Scan?  Now that I have finished the Powers to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction courses and received the certificates for them, I can apply to get my Guard Card by filling out some paperwork and getting my Live Scan done. This is what I did to get my Live Scan.  I got the steps from the “How to Get a CA Guard Card” found on eduGuard’s to get a live scan

1.       There are two ways to fill out the Security Guard Application:

a) Print out and mail in this application but it will take a lot longer than filling out the application online using the BreEZe.

b) Apply online using the BSIS BreEZe and it should only take a few days to get your cleared status for guard card so you cna go to work!

*If you are going to Register to Become a PSO, please use this link for your correct links to forms.

2.       Fill out three copies of the Live Scan Form for Security Guards and go to your nearest Live Scan Site. Need that location? Check here.

3.       Bring a photo ID and money or a debit card to pay the processing and application fees for BSIS, DOJ, and FBI.

4.       Mail in the copy of the Live Scan form and if you already haven’t sent the application, send them together.

Here is a video of the Live Scan Process that I liked.

*This LiveScan is located at 5150 Fair Oaks Blvd #101, Carmichael CA, inside the UPS Store.

Once your DOJ and FBI background checks have cleared and your application has been accepted BSIS will post your cleared security guard status online here at the “BSIS website“. You can then print your cleared security guard status and present it to your prospective employer for employment. Note: You do not need your actual guard card in hand to apply for employment, the print out is fine. After the cleared status you will receive your actual guard card in the mail in approximately 10 to 15 days.

Hope this helped to clear up any confusion there can be on the Live Scan Process. Time to get ready to find a job!

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