Security Officer Job Resources

The eduGuard Online Training Team has put together all the information, worksheets, and tips to help you find a job or build your career as a security officer once you have completed or updated your security training. In our downloadable eBook, Ultimate Career Guide For the Security Officer, we include links to all the employment tools you will need to write a resume, interview well, keep your job and get promoted.  This eBook is free when you purchase your training with eduGuard.


After you have earned your certificates necessary, you will want to write a resume. A resume is a brief description of your education, work experience and special skills. It pulls together your background for one reason – to demonstrate you are qualified to do the job.

Interview Tips

You have done your security training, submitted your resume and you have gotten an interview! Just as tips help write a resume, tips will help the interview process go more smoothly.

Keep Your Job Or Get Promoted

In today’s economy it is important to do all you can to keep your job and to learn what you can do if you are interested in getting a promotion.