Step 4 – 1st 8 hours of California Guard Card

Joel again. I have completed the two required courses so I can apply for my California Guard Card. These two courses are the two required courses to apply for my California Guard Card. This is what they are about:

Powers to Arrest – This 4 hour course describes your role as a security professional. Here are just some of the interesting things in this course:

1.       It’s all about Prevention

2.       We are not cops, but we will work with them

3.       If something happens our job is to Observe and Report

4.       Lots of definitions for the various aspects of this job

5.       Arrest-able offensives

6.       How to make a citizen’s arrest (the kind guards can make)

Powers to Arrest

Security Guard on site

It was visual, it looked like a slideshow that you read each slide and click the “next” button when you were ready to move to the next screen. There were review exams after so many slides to make is easier to review the information I just read. At the end there is a final exam that requires you get 100% but you can take it as many times as needed to get that score. At the end it told me to print my certificate. I printed two copies – one for me and one for my employer.  I liked the interactive slides it made the learning more enjoyable.

Weapons of Mass Destruction – This is also a 4 hour course which describes WMD, how to look out for threats, and what to do if one happens. Interesting things:

1.       Just like Powers to Arrest, it is all about prevention

2.       We learned the different types and what that means we have to do

3.       It is so important to report things that don’t seem right, or out of place – we might help stop a future attack

4.       We also learned ways to help in the event of an attack

This class had lots of short videos to watch and then take quizzes on. The videos showed examples of what to look for, examples of the questions to ask, and when to report something that does not feel right to the person in charge. This class made me excited to do my part of crime prevention.

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Next Blog – Its time to get my Live Scan done so I can apply for my Guard Card!

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  1. Donald@guardtoursystem June 4, 2015

    The initial 8-hour training essential before one is allowed to apply for the California guard card. Application can be completed online or live. The course is a mandatory step.